SASUF Goes Digital:
2020 Edition

Connecting the global South and North from the comfort of your home (or home office!)

SASUF Goes Digital connects researchers, students, university leaders and entrepreneurs via digital format to share research updates and opportunities for collaboration.

The Opening Ceremony will take place Tuesday, 24 Nov, with a Keynote and Welcoming Remarks.

Parallel Workshops are scheduled to maximize the options for each participant. Customize your schedule around sessions you are interested in! Each workshop runs for 1-2 hours, followed by Q&A sessions and an opportunity to 'meet' with individual presenters in breakout rooms.

Short breaks are scheduled between every session. Participants are encouraged to get a coffee, go for a walk, or otherwise take a pause from their computer screen.

On Thursday 26 Nov, the Closing Ceremony will unite the community to summarise our experience and share the vision for the future of SASUF.

In lieu of satellite events, anyone interested in hosting a workshop longer than 2 hours is encouraged to organise an event on the day before or after the organised workshops. Email for more information.

Schedule outline

The template for SASUF Goes Digital: 2020 Edition is displayed. This template is designed for optimal participation in a flexible manner. Please note, times may be adjusted based on workshop availability. A finalised schedule will be available in late October.

In additional to choosing workshops, participants can elect to keep certain periods of time 'open' and customize their schedule. All without the worry of travel!

Sample Schedule

The sample displayed now shows the schedule of a participant who selected to keep the Workshop Session C 'open'. Please note workshop titles in the example do not represent available workshop titles.

Participants are encouraged to block time in their calendar in advance. Workshops lasting longer than 2 hours will be scheduled on Monday 23 and Friday 27 November.

Submit a Workshop Proposal

Workshop proposal form

Workshops can be organised by individual researchers, university members, or any other group linked to research, education or innovation. Workshop organisers can include students, researchers, industry representatives, NGO:s, university management or any relevant groups, and should involve collaborators from both countries.

Workshop topics can include:

Research findings from collaborations between South Africa & Sweden related to the United Nations SDGs

Bridging Academia, Industry & Society

Internationalisation & Digital Collaboration

Capacity Development for Emerging Researchers

Registration is free! Please use a valid email address. You will need access to this address to receive email confirmation and webinar links.

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South Africa - Sweden University Forum


Forging Research Collaboration between the
Global South and North

The South Africa-Sweden University Forum (SASUF) is a strategic internationalisation project running from 2017-2020 aiming to strengthen ties between Sweden and South Africa in research, education and innovation.

SASUF is a collaboration between 37 universities together with embassies, civil society organisations, funding agencies & ministries in both countries.

In addressing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, SASUF is structured along 6 major research challenges: