Toolkit IRO training days

28 September - 01 October 2020

Thank you for attending the Toolkit IRO training days! We hope to see you soon, and we wish you good luck in your future work! Stay safe!

Below you can find all Power point presentations from the Training days

1. Matt Greig presentation

2. Karen Tapper presentation

3. Gustaf Cars presentation

4 Sara Hurtig presentation

5. Lina Solander presentation

6. Jenny McKeever presentation

7. Philipp Baur presentation

8. McDermott Darren presentation

9. Workshop guidelines- Marta Cocos

10. Future work with Handbook- Marta Cocos

11. Toolkit recap & future- Lucia Ippolito & Franca Maria Mura

Uppsala University would like to invite you for Toolkit training days focusing on setting up/improving International Relation Offices (IROs).

The training will take place on Zoom between 28 September and 01 October 2020 with start at 08:00 Swedish time.

The key aim of the Toolkit project is the enhancement and modernization of the internationalization strategies pursued by Asian universities. This includes building capabilities within local administration and IRO staff in:
-    drafting and realization of efficient and sustainable IRO strategies
-    designing and managing innovative education projects
-    the design and management of mobility schemes
-    managing growing networks of mobility flows within their respective regions
-    structuring of a process of ‘cascade trainings’ on national and regional levels
-    sharing knowledge and good practices

The aim of the training days is to focus on the mobility flows management, and it will consist of two parts, the presentations (which are open to any partnering university staff), and the workshops (where only selected members can take part).

Uppsala University staff has been asked to present its organization and practices within international mobility work. The presentations will be held during the first two days, and will be held members of the following units at Uppsala University:
- Unit for global partnerships
- Unit for international mobility
- Graduation office

After the first two days of the presentations, the participants will have two days of workshops where they will discuss the Uppsala University example, and evaluate which aspects could be implemented in their universities.
The participants will be also asked to discuss their IRO strategies, and start drafting a Toolkit Handbook. These discussions will be limited to selected staff from the partnering universities which are divided in 3 focus groups (FGs):
1. Strategies and management of mobility programs
(1 person per university)
2. Service and quality tools for outbound mobility
(1 person per university)
3. Services and quality tools for inbound mobility
(1 person per university)
Each FG includes: One chair, and one rapporteur .

Time schedule

Download the schedule as a Word file

Zoom link


Marta Cocos
Unit for global partnerships
Uppsala University